Welcome to the FH UNRI Partnership Section.
Partnership or cooperation activities are managed directly under the Dean’s institution through the Cooperation Coordinator established since 1998. The purpose of cooperation is primarily to increase contributions in legal development, the improvement and provision of human resources in the field of law. In accordance with its capacity, the human resources of the Faculty of Law often participate in the activities of various government and non-governmental institutions, both as experts, resources, researchers. On the other hand, cooperation partners contribute in the form of, among others, the provision of guest lecturers, joint research, the implementation of seminars / training, and graduate recruitment.

In the field of law enforcement, experts by the Government, Prosecutors and Police, as well as the general public who need in cases in the general judiciary and constitutional court. In research activities, especially through the National Legal Development Agency (BPHN) of the Department of Law and Human Rights R.I. has a long history in cooperation with the Faculty of Law UNRI.